3mm neoprene pants with protection on sensitive areas. The knees feature 10mm neoprene foam and a rubber liner to ensure good grip. Protective plates are integrated on the shins and thighs to protect against violent shocks.
The bending zones are treated with a finer 2mm neoprene and the seat is reinforced with an anti-abrasion fabric.
The front opening is equipped with an easily adjustable velcro and a neoprene bellow to prevent water infiltration.
The pants come with a set of removable straps, ideal when one does not use a trapeze belt to maintain the Pant and Top.
The cut of these pants is high enough to ensure a good overlap with the different Top.


> 3mm neoprene for warmth
> Various impact protection panels integrated at key locations with thermoplastic plates and high density foams
> Pads knees with rubber coating for a good grip
> Reinforced seat with anti-abrasion fabric
> Flex zones, crotch and behind the knees with finer neoprene to facilitate movement
> Front opening with easily adjustable velcro and neoprene gusset to prevent water infiltration
> Ankle closure with velcro system
> Comes with a set of removable shoulder straps

> Neoprene 3mm
> protection : thermmoplastic plates and high density foams
> 90% neoprene / 10% nylon

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